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Classified Ride Dealer Registration Form
Basic Information About Your Dealership
  • Dealership Information

    Please provide the following information about your dealership.
  • Main Contact Information

    Please provide the following details regarding the main contact information.
  • Please include extension if applicable.
  • Please specify your position at the dealership.
  • Accounts Payable

    Please provide the name, phone, and email for Accounts Payable.
  • Deliver Leads To:

    Please provide the phone number and Email address you want our leads to be sent to.
  • Data Feed Provider:

    Please provide information about your dealership's data feed provider. This is the company that takes your used inventory's pictures. Dealerspecialties, Vin Solutions, and Auction123 are all examples of data feed providers.
  • If you selected OTHER from the drop down list, please specify your inventory provider here.
  • Classified Ride Information

    Please choose the applicable answer. If you have been working with a Classified Ride Representative, please provide their name in the space provided.

    Please Select the following packages you would like for your dealership.
  • GuaranteeLogo1363701206.png

    This package includes:

    • Both New & Used Dealership Inventory listed on Classified Ride
    • Insta-Post Social Media Networking Tool
    • Dealer Directory SEO Placement
    • Autoglance Placement
    • Vehicle Trade-In Leads
    • Performance Guarantee INCLUDED!
      No one else does it
      If we don´t perform, you don´t PAY!
  • This package includes:

    • Both New Used Dealership Inventory listed on Classified Ride
    • Insta-Post Social Media Networking Tool
    • Dealer Directory SEO Placement
    • Autoglance Placement
    • Vehicle Trade-In Leads
    • Performance Guarantee Included
    • Call Tracking Included
    • Dealer View Counter Included
    • CK Boost

    Please Select the following additional programs you would like for your dealership.
  • craigslist_integration1363677392.png

    Our Craigslist posting is hands free for your dealership and averages up to 4000 postings per month. As the 8th largest website in the world, you’re dealership can’t afford not to be on craigslist. We are offering a tremendous service at the lowest price possible to your dealership specific selling opportunities based on your dealers in-stock inventory.

  • dealerreview-large1363677325.png

    Be stress free when a customer Google’s your dealership name in a search engine! Reputation can make or break a sale. To help dealerships preserve their online reputation, we have created the first ever dealer review system that investigates and participates in the review process. Our goal is to help your dealership have the best online reputation by monitoring and participating in the review process.

  • auto_glance1363677295.png

    We feed your dealership’s new and used inventory to Autoglance in our packages, but if you want to receive your dealership leads, you must subscribe to receive them. Autoglance is the first ever software pending website that uniquely sorts vehicles by an algorithm guaranteed to get the customer the best deal in their market.

  • Dealership Authorization of Classified Ride Listing Services

    Dealership Signatures
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  • Classified Ride's services are month to month with no contractual obligation unless agreed and specified by both parties. At any time, client can withdraw services, provided that 30 (thirty) days notice is received. Notice is required to be provided via phone, email, or fax. Payments are due on the date specified on the billed invoice. Failure to pay for service on specified due dates may halt service until payment is received. Service will resume as soon as payment or valid confirmation that payment is via transit is received. Classified Ride data feeds to third party exports; if this is a problem, please inform your specified Classified Ride representative at time of registration. If you have any further questions, please refer to our website at www.classifiedride.com or contact us during our normal business hours of 9:00-5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. This form serves as a promissory registration; once completed and signed, payment must be tendered and services must be rendered for time specified. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions at www.classifiedride.com for more information regarding any questions of service you may have. We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to a long business relationship.